How will they hear?

Who will go?

Whom shall we send?

Go part time

Do you desire to be a more effective disciple maker for the Lord Jesus? The following documents contain information that will help you:

Go full time

Has the Lord called you to be a missionary? SAAWE can advise you on what equipment you need and how your church can send and care for you. See the following for more information:

  1. “How to become a missionary?”
  2. “God’s Will for My Life”.
  3. Guidelines for the Support Team of a missionary.
  4. Current list of

    vacancies worldwide

    in mission organisations.

Write to us at and tell your story if information on the SAAWE website helped you to become involved in missions part-time or fulltime or to go on a short term outreach. Visit the websites of mission organizations for more information.

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