Disasters and Embarrassments create OPPORTUNITIES!

Mozambique on our Doorstep 

For many years lots of South Africans spent their holidays in this country – are we going to give back to it? In recent years many local churches undertook short term outreaches to Mozambique. Mozambique now needs much more! Are you willing to participate?

Would you like to help?


Photo (top): Widespread destruction caused by Cyclone Kenneth when it struck Ibo island north of Pemba city in Mozambique, Wednesday, May, 1, 2019.
(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)


Within a short period of only six weeks this poor country with a playground for the rich was transformed by the devastation of the two cyclones, Idai and Kenneth! Hundreds were killed and tens of thousands were left homeless. Schools, health clinics, bridges and other infrastructure were destroyed and more than two million people were affected.

Businesses, individuals, NGO´s and Churches from South Africa and the rest of the world moved in to offer much needed assistance.


Photo (top): Cyclone Idai: Drone photo IFRC


In the first couple of weeks Global Relief distributed at least 16 000 water purification kits in Mozambique, mainly as a result of contributions from local churches in KwaZulu Natal. One such kit can purify 20 litres of water. Important contacts were established and Audio Bibles were given to the local population. Prof Jean Simonis of the University of Zululand, together with his wife Anita, used to live and work in the Beira area. Cyclone Eline hit Mozambique in the year 2000 and caused massive floods. Jean writes: “Our involvement after the cyclone changed the course of our lives”. After Idai hit Mozambique in March of this year, Jean immediately went to Beira to assess the situation. He remarks: “I´m back in Mozambique after 20 years”. 

The Lord miraculously opened many doors for Jean. He was able to establish valuable relationships with ministers of the Mozambique Apostle Church and Church of God of Mozambique which together represent more than 750 congregations. It was obvious to Jean how the Local Church took over the role of the distribution of food.

Foto (links): Biskop Magule se 10-ton Kosaflewering  in Estaquina

Photo (above): As a Professor in Hydrology, Jean was able to assist with the reopening of the water boreholes and to test the quality of the water in the villages most affected. Clean potable water is of the highest priority!

Photo (above): One of the water testers indicating that the flood was much higher than the level indicator. See the mud line on the hut in the background!

Shortly afterwards cyclone Kenneth hit further up North in the coastal region. Jean and Anita just returned to SA from a week´s teaching on Disaster Management at the Catholic University (UCM) n Beira. This was followed by training a team of the leaders of the Igreja Reformada and leaders of the Church Without Borders. The purpose of this training was to equip those who have a passion for this work to be able to train others.

Photo (above): Prof Monica Samaja, Dean of Health Sciences at UCM and Prof Jean Simonis

Photo (right): Bishop Marcos Binda with some of the Audio Bibles

We invite you

Join forces with Global Relief and make a difference!

Contact Rev. Loffie Schoeman at +27 82 875 8313, lofstel@discoverymail.co.za or globalrelief@saawe.co.zaLocal Churches such as Hoogland in Kempton Park, Church Without Borders in Centurion and many others have already moved in. Long term work is needed to help our neighbours recover and reconstruct their lives. Jean writes that this is only the beginning.

Organizations such as Harvest Ministries, InContext and Global Relief join hands with local churches and groups in Mozambique. We believe that Global Relief can continue with this important work with the help of more Businesses, Churches and Organizations!