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Webthon 2018


Equip 120 Church Leaders within the next 13 months to train about 2 000 Refugees as Disciple makers.


An investment opportunity on the worldwide web.


Raise R2 025 000 by 4 December 2018.

We and the rest of our Team are participating in helping Refugees. We would be so pleased to have you join in. As you may know, SAAWE focusses on Church Leaders, especially those in difficult situations. We have trained them to train Refugees in South Africa and 20 other countries worldwide.  We know you are interested in these issues and hope you will also be able to take part. SAAWE would like to raise R2,025 million by 4 December 2018 to help some of the 25 million Refugees in the coming months and year. As you might appreciate the opportunity to give others a chance to stand up and blossom and help bring change, we invite you to take hands with us. The situation in Idlib, Syria is very volatile at the moment. It lies right next to Turkey and about 3 million more refugees are expected to stream into Turkey very soon.

You may well know of some others who would also appreciate this investment opportunity. Please feel free to forward this letter to them.

We will keep you updated with the Progress. Thank you for your consideration.

Invest in any of these life-changing ways

No Item
1 1200 Multi Language Audio Bibles for Refugees, Illiterate and the Blind @R750 each including taxes
2 Sponsors to Train 120 Leaders & Refugees in Discipleship Training @ R3 750 each
3 50 Sponsors for R200/month in reaching Ufollo.net web enquirers
4 200 Craft packs for Refugee Ladies or kids @ R350 each
5 500 Food parcels @ R550 for Refugee families. Men are often not allowed to work
6 35 Investments of R500/month in Christian TV in 3 Middle East Languages
7 Where most needed

Goal to be reached

Funds raised so far








Until 4 December 2018

Thank you for participating in our Webthon 2018. Please use number 1 through 7 as reference when making a contribution. See “Invest in any of these life-changing ways” above.

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Bank: First National Bank
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Account number: 62752798424
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